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SSDI vs SSI in Nevada

Harris Disability Law Firm SSDI vs SSI in NevadaWhat is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is paid to people who have worked and paid Social Security taxes. You must have worked and paid into Social Security at least 5 out of the last 10 years. Essentially this means you must be disabled prior to your date last insured or you are not eligible for SSDI (the date is calculated by Social Security by considering how much you have paid into Social Security in the last 10 years). Usually Social Security documents you have received will tell us if this date is an issue. However, sometimes we discover this is an issue later in the case and we will advise you accordingly upon our discovery if it is an issue.

  • Payment: The monthly payment depends on how much you paid in taxes. You can find out what your monthly benefit would be by calling 800.772.1213. You are eligible for payment 5 months after the date Social Security determines you are disabled. SSDI payments are retroactive 12 months from the date you applied for benefits. SSDI Retroactive benefits are paid in a lump sum amount.
  • Medicare: SSDI comes with Medicare. Medicare is effective 29 months after your disability date (24 months, plus the 5-month waiting period). Clark County Social Services should fill this “Medicare gap” and continue to provide you services until Medicare is effective. Medicare does not cover prescriptions.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) pays benefits based on financial need, even if you have never worked, or if you have not worked enough. (If you are married and your spouse makes more than $1,500 a month or you have too many assets – retirement account, savings, etc. – you may not be eligible for SSI.)

  • Payment: The monthly payment for 2016 is $733 per month. Retroactive payments are generally paid in 3 increments over an 18-month period (every 6 months).
  • Retroactive payments could be reduced by 1/3 if someone has been providing your food and shelter (if this is the case, please ask us for a re-payment agreement), if you received rental assistance from Clark County Social Services, or if you had any earnings.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid is effective from the application date (or disability date, if after application date). Medicaid covers prescriptions.