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Tips for Supporting Your Disability Claim

Tips for supporting disability claims

  • Get current medical treatment. It is very important that you have current medical records to support your Social Security claim. If you are not receiving treatment, we cannot represent you. Please call us immediately if medical care is a problem. You can apply with Welfare for health insurance under the ObamaCare program.
  • Every time you go to the doctor, report ALL of your symptoms, at every single visit.
  • If you have substance abuse issues, GET HELP (it could affect your claim).
  • Keep a simple log/diary of the side effects of medications, doctor’s appointments, and of how you feel from day to day.
  • Fully explain any answers on forms you fill out (e.g., if you can do dishes, but have to rest while doing so, explain that).
  • Don’t exaggerate or minimize your symptoms. Social Security takes everything very literally. (e.g., don’t say you can only sit for “a few seconds” – state the actual time you can sit. If you are claiming memory loss, it must be severe.)
  • Make sure you have objective evidence (this includes testing, like x-rays, MRI’s, etc.) in your medical record. If you don’t, request testing from your treating doctor (e.g., if you have back pain and have no back MRI, Social Security will not consider your back pain complaints).
  • Follow through with referrals and testing.
  • Don’t leave hospitals against medical advice.
  • Attend the consultative examinations and give your best effort at the exam – Social Security will deny your claim if you fail to attend the exam. If you miss the exam, you do have one chance to reschedule.
  • Most importantly, be honest.